Who is Dolly Levi?

Dolly Levi

Life. The events are happening in 1890 in New York. Dolly’s husband Ephraim has passed away and many would think that Dolly is not wishing to live any more due to the loss. However, it is the case. She grabs the life as hard as she can and a new page is about to start.

Occupation. Matchmaker. She wants people to be happy together and the lady-cupid consummately sets up couples. Dolly’s employer is a rich, infamous and grumpy Horace Vandergelder. Matchmaking is not the only comfort she takes in. Mandolin and dancing amuse her as well.

Marital Status. Widow. Though, Mr. Vandergelder might be the man she wants to get. Horace hired Dolly as a matchmaker with the aim of finding a decent woman. He didn’t even suspect that the woman is so close to him. Any man wants a woman of such a kind like “…the power behind him was that dainty woman, that fragile woman, that sweetheart, that mistress, that wife!”

Task. To get Horace madly fall in love with her. Apart from it, other couples she set up should be happy as well. She is responsible for their happiness. Lots of strings were pulled by her. The main task is not to fall over them.

Kind of Personality. Witty, cheerful, helpful, sweet… The strongest equipment she has is her keen tongue and mind. No obstacles on her will survive as there is no “can’t” but only “can”.

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