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Bette Midler is back in ‘Hello Dolly!’

Good news to all Bette Midler and ‘Hello Dolly!’ fans. The Tony award-winning actress is coming back to Broadway in the revival of the widely acclaimed show this Summer. After Milder’s ‘heir’ ... Read More

Bette Middle falls

The Show Must Go On Even After Falling

Betty Midler fell on the stage during the performance “Hello Dolly!”. The incident occurred because of collision of two set pieces. It made Betty run and she fell. The malfunction happened just ... Read More

Dolly Levi

Who is Dolly Levi?

Life. The events are happening in 1890 in New York. Dolly’s husband Ephraim has passed away and many would think that Dolly is not wishing to live any more due to the loss. However, it is the case. ... Read More

Charlie Stemp

Charlie Stemp as Barnaby Tucker in Hello, Dolly!

The new changes in the cast will come into effect on January 20, 2018. Taylor Trensch will leave the show as Barnaby Tucker on January 14 and will step into “Dear Evan Hansen”. The vacant role is ... Read More

Donna Murphy hello-dolly

Two Dolly’s Made It Together: Broadway Box Office Assessed Musical’s Gross in $2.3M

Bette Midler is not the only one who is able to show us how adorable Dolly Levi could be. The alternate main role in “Hello Dolly!” went to Donna Murphy, the five-time Tony nominee. Both stars ... Read More