Maryville welcomes Hello, Dolly! on the Second Stage

Hello, Dolly! coming to Maryville

The creators of Maryville Young Players have established a new venue for almost everybody: each actor who doesn’t suit MYP may try his or her hand at full-length musicals with the Second Stage. However, in contrast to MYP, this theatre will introduce traditional format of the show instead of shortened performances intrinsic to the young community’s productions. Other features are the absence of registration fees and only one cast.

Both ventures will have something in common: the Second Stage leaves compact rehearsal schedule. Candidates should learn their lines in a few weeks and selected cast members will have only 3 weeks for preparation. The show is scheduled for July 29 at 7 p.m. and July 30 at 2 p.m.

What is this musical about? The plot revolves around widow Dolly Levi, who considers herself as a matchmaker. At the beginning of the story, she is in instant search for a suitable partner for widower Horace Vandergelder.

The Second Stage’s production is directed by Marilyn Rhea who works as teacher and director at MHS and has already set “Dolly” before.

Rhea shared her impressions: “I was totally aware of a show’s format while directing this for kids. I knew what my audience expects from it.” Now I’m holding breath in anticipation on the eve of the premiere.”

The director noted that she has taken up the preparation seriously. Marilyn was worried about two things: the technical aspect of the spectacle and the casting of leading roles. “Dolly and Horace are too important, so I decided to choose suitable actors without audition” – she said. (Let’s remind that Vanessa and Tye Parsons got those characters).

“All those people are not aware of how talented Vanessa and Tye are. The majority of our potential viewers know them as teachers at St. Gregory’s and Maryville. Vanessa’s Soprano and Tye’s bass suit their characters perfectly.”
– Rhea gave her opinion. The other roles went to selected artist through casting which took place on June 17.

Everyone could register on the audition by mentioning preferred character. Firstly, a casting of secondary leads and minor roles was held. It was divided into two parts: cold read and a song. The actor had to sing a traditional piece or prepare his own composition. The team provided an opportunity to participate to people who were absent on audition, too.

Both 1964 and 2017 versions of “Hello, Dolly!” starring Carol Channing and Bette Midler respectively obtained 14 Tony Awards (2 of them went to Channing and Midler for leading role’s performance) and are considered to be one of the most popular Broadway show ever.

2017 “Hello, Dolly!” revival (you can book tickets here), for its part, deserved the title of Tony’s Best Revival, while the 1995 revival lost this nomination to The King and I. There is also the screening of the musical directed by Gene Kelly and with Barbra Streisand as a Dolly Levi.

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