Bette Midler is back in ‘Hello Dolly!’

Good news to all Bette Midler and ‘Hello Dolly!’ fans. The Tony award-winning actress is coming back to Broadway in the revival of the widely acclaimed show this Summer.

After Milder’s ‘heir’ to the role of Dolly Gallagher Levi, Bernadette Peters, ends her run on July 15, Midler will grace the stage again until the show’s closing on August 25. What’s more, Milder is bringing along some of her original co-stars David Hyde Pierce and her fellow Tony-winning actor, Gavin Creel.

Bette Midler in <i>Hello, Dolly!</i>

For those who are familiar with the previous runs of the show, ‘Hello Dolly!’ is a production that captured the hearts of both fans and critics. Besides, why wouldn’t it? During Midler’s time on the helm, the show had an impressive track record, which includes four Tony Awards and an average of $2 million gross revenue per week. Although the show does not attract as much hype as it did during Midler’s time, a weekly gross of $1 million is still impressive.

Catch Bette Midler in

‘Hello Dolly!’ caps off on August 25 at the Shubert Theatre, and if you want to see your favorite characters in their Tony-winning roles, get yourself a ticket. These are six weeks of Broadway magic you do not want to miss.

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